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Manteniendo pulsado el botón izquierdo del ratón en la mitad inferior del tablero de juego en un arma de fuego en 5 colores, arrastrar y soltar la estrategia que se adapte a sus posiciones.

Pick up a piece from the right container by holding down your left mouse button and drop it on an empty block by releasing it

Detalles del Juego

Sudoblocks is a tile-matching puzzle game that combines the sudoku experience with the block genre. Although a block game in its soul, it adopts the input of the Sudoku mechanics by introducing a new mechanic: Your job is to clean the board by using the pieces on the right to fill the 3x3 squares or complete straight lines. The left side holds your power-ups that will help you beat the game such as undo, destroy, rotate, swap. There are three game modes for your every mood: Standard, timed, or relaxed. It even has a night mode! Sudoblocks offers a puzzle experience like you ve never seen before!

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Categoría: Puzzles

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